Operations  M&A

national and cross-border. 

  • Mergers

  • Acquisitions

  • Assent purchanse or share purchanse

  • Slip-up ; Spin-off

  • Business leasing

  • Investments and desinvestment

  • Types of  Absorbing company

  • Exchange share

  • Capital expansion and decline

  • Financial aspects 

  • We advise  , brokerage, intermediate since the decision-making of a company in M&A operations are complex operations that involve strategic and operational, financial aspects where short and long-term elements intersect.

  • We adapt both to the needs of each client and to the particularities of each transaction

  • The increase in the volume of corporate operations is a reality in Spain and the rest of the world. Since April 2017, the number of operations in our country has increased,

  • Representing an INTERANUAL INCREASE of 16%, with a total of EUR 2,580M in investment volume.

  • In recent years, we have advised clients around the world on more multiple operations in different strategic segments, tourism, transport (aviation) ;emerging segments, manufactures,  food; industrial segment and another.

  • We have extensive knowledge, Our extensive experience in managing and implementing large projects of large companies helps us to minimize the risk in any transaction. Which makes us easily find the added value that our competitors find difficult to locate. 

  • Skills.

  • Process negotiators help companies determine where to invest, what to build or acquire, and how to achieve the desired strategic results.

  • We work and advise our clients to outline the best operational strategic of the transaction, 

  • Throughout the process, we provide essential tools, legal documents, and analysis that allow our clients to independently develop and execute their own growth, merger and acquisition strategies.


  • Processes

  • Decision to acquire Companies 

  • Criteria for acquiring a Company

  • Searching and selecting the Company

  • Planning

  • Valuation

  • Negotiation

  • Due Diligence

  • Acquisition or take-ownership contract

  • Transaction Financing

  • Closing

  • Post-Closing 


  • Our experience is based on Porporte Segments (Areas Lines);  Power Segments; Tourist Segment;  Services Segment, Financial Segment; Strategic Segment ; emerging segments; energy segments, socio-health segment; All kinds of business.  


M&A adquisiciones.