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Real Estate offers our clients a wide range of services for the management of their properties such as:


Comprehensive management Real Estate real estate.

  • Advice and intermediation buying and selling of land, buildings, premises, offices, logistics centers.  

  • Rental management. 

  • Valuations.

  • Investor search

  •  Technical, and audit  legal and breakdown 

  • Resolution of technical, administrative and legal procedures to ensure the rapid letting of portfolios.

  • Active management of real estate assets for funds, socimis, estate companies, supply chain..

  • Development of a business plan for each of the assets to increase the exit-value; Advisory On boarding, portfolios that ensure the implementation of business plans and the implementation and takeover of ownership; efficient use of resources to increase the NOI (Net Operating Income) of assets

  • development service : efficient building translation; increase in value.

  • Integrity, experience, discretion in services, international connections, strategic alliances. 

  • Innovation

  • Due diligence 

  • Negotiation

  • Trasnssacion, close

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